The special significance of jade with extraordinary healing properties


History Of Jade


Jade Crystal Meaning






What Are The Different Types Of Jade?


Blue Jade meaning


White Jade meaning


Green Jade meaning


Red Jade meaning


Black Jade meaning

Yellow Jade meaning


Lavender Jade crystal meaning


Imperial Jade crystal meaning


Orange Jade crystal meaning


Purple Jade meaning


Brown Jade crystal meaning


Jade durability


Jade Stone Benefits And Healing Properties


Physical healing properties


Spiritual healing properties


Mental & Emotional Healing Properties


Jade Chakra Association


Jade zodiac sign


How To Evaluate Jade When Buying






Clarity and texture


Size and weight




How To Use Jade


At home or in the office


Wear Jade jewelry


Cleansing And Taking Care Of Jade Crystals


Clean with water and mild soap


Wipe with a microfiber cloth


Avoid exposure to chemicals


Avoid knocking it against hard surfaces


Bottom Line