What are the personality traits of a Gemini? Gemini’s guardian stone and lucky stone introduction



Geminis are talented, free-thinking and wise decision-making.


Verbal actions are often done satisfactorily, and tired of monotonous and boring environments. If you can use willpower to twist your various contradictory factors into a force, you can give full play to your own advantages.


1. Gemini: Curious and demanding


Gemini is very demanding of everything, and because of their curiosity, they will want to do this and do that for a while, and enjoy it. Only people with rich topics, wide interests, and extensive contacts can satisfy you, and you should choose this kind of object. Although this kind of person is a popular idol, only this type can make you tempted.


2. Gemini: do not like monotonous life


Gemini does not like monotonous life, so Aquarius can bring fresh changes to the family, which is the most ideal object, bringing you youth and vitality. There are also smart, lively, gentle and lovely Libra and knowledgeable Gemini, also suitable for you. On the contrary, Virgo will become too tired to get along with, Sagittarius will make you a prisoner of nervousness, and Pisces will make you unable to communicate with him because of the empty and boring life.


3. Gemini: bold and careful


Geminis have wild ideas in their minds, but it doesn’t matter, because most of the time, they themselves don’t know how to move the next move. When a person is confident and courageous, and expresses love carefully and sensitively, the rest is left to God. Gemini is a person with a delicate mind and is easy to be felt by others.


4. Gemini: restless and impatient

Although Gemini is very restless and impatient. If you are surrounded by pools of stagnant water, without life, renewal and change, you are bored. This is a person who lacks firm belief, perseverance, and at the same time lacks depth of thought. For the confident Gemini, he is very insecure at the same time, which is a unique contradiction of Gemini.


He likes to surround himself and keep himself from being exposed. For Gemini, if you expose yourself in front of someone you don’t know, it’s like letting someone else grab your handle. This loses a certain advantage. When the twins feel lonely and sad, they will only hide in the room and cry, or feel depressed.


5. Gemini: Self-righteous


Geminis are very confident in their intelligence and intelligence. If they are really talented Geminis, they are likely to be very arrogant. Under normal circumstances, you can’t tell that they are arrogant and arrogant at all. They will wrap up their self-righteousness with kind smiles and humorous and easy conversations, so that others will think that they are really lively, generous, warm and cheerful people.


6. Gemini: think a lot


Often half-hearted and delaying in making decisions, showing impetuousness. Don’t use your strengths on the right track. Like to play clever, often clever but not clever. One of the sayings of Gemini is that there are two children, two sides are very strong, and there is no focus. I’m afraid of being ignored by the person I care about most, afraid of being ignored by the person I care about the most.


7. Gemini: Fun


Geminis are playful, they like to be unrestrained, they advocate freedom, their work is black and white, and they like challenges. They have dual personalities and long to be affirmed and trusted, but they often do not expect to be fair and understood. Gemini people attach great importance to people’s first impression, so — love at first sight often happens to her.