What is Cancer’s lucky stone crystal guardian stone? The character of Cancer is best matched with crystal

What is Cancer’s lucky stone crystal guardian stone? The character of Cancer is best matched with crystal

What is Cancer’s lucky stone crystal guardian stone? The character of Cancer is best matched with crystal




Cancer personality: Emotional, strong memory, considerate and kind, among the twelve zodiac signs, Cancer is the most persistent constellation. He is loyal and persistent to friends and lovers, and attaches great importance to family, and he is the most persistent. They like to collect and store things, never give up on anything, and they have a very high taste for beautiful things.



The language of flowers: — instant eternity, pure heart, pure, heart-to-heart, beautiful




1. Kangshou: In ancient times, pearls were rare and precious, and were owned by the wealthy and powerful, so they were endowed with meanings of health, longevity and wealth.


2. Constraints: In the legend, pearls also have the meaning of constraints. It is said that ancient women wearing pearls can restrain their husbands’ behavior in the dark, so that they will not panic when they meet beautiful women, and make them focus on the future.


3. Good luck: People think that wearing pearls on the index finger can bring good luck to themselves, and can help them to have smooth sailing and good luck in everything. If they are high-quality pearls, they can improve the wearer’s career and happiness.


4. Peace: In the legend, the meaning of pearl is chastity, honesty, peace, beauty, this is because it is the gem of the moon god in the legend, and the tears of the moon god are left in the clam shell.



It has the functions of focusing, concentrating, and expanding memory. It is the synthesis of all energies, and it is called the King of Crystals.


White crystal is the most widely distributed and most abundant in the entire crystal group. She is crystal clear and transparent, including ice cracks, clouds and other connotations, which are very beautiful. White is the composite of all light colors, representing balance and happiness.



Onyx is one of the most curative gemstones (eg: digestive system, stomach pain), can balance positive and negative energy, eliminate mental tension and stress. Maintain harmony of body and mind, enhance love, loyalty, and courage, promote abundance, happiness and longevity, and have the effect of maintaining peace. Cancers do not like to go out, they are notoriously nerdy, they often have the same enthusiasm as a loving father and mother, but they lack a sense of security. Onyx can make them feel at ease.


Superior intuition and sensitivity are the main character traits of Cancer people. Most of the people of this constellation like to live in charming fantasies. You often go deep into the mood of the characters or scenes in movies or novels, chew and reminisce slowly… You may maintain the innocence of childhood for a long time. The feelings are sincere and frank, but the character is relatively fragile.



Cancer people are born with exuberant energy and keen senses, with a strong sense of morality, and the pursuit of desires can always be stopped in moderation. He has incisive insight and high self-esteem, but is also naturally generous, affectionate, willing to help those in need, and likes to feel needed and protected.


Most Cancer people are more introverted and shy, although they often express it in a superficial and exaggerated way, but basically they lack self-confidence and are not very adaptable to new environments. Although they are very interested in new things, the truth is very traditional and nostalgic, and it seems that there are some dual personalities; if you look at it from another angle, they are only very sensitive to emotions. Cancer is a zodiac sign The most maternal constellation in the zodiac, and the same goes for men. Kind, considerate, tolerant, not holding grudges, very loyal to family and friends. Good memory, strong curiosity, strong obedience, and rich imagination.