The efficacy and role of white crystal

The efficacy and role of white crystal Deegnt

The efficacy and role of white crystal

Transparent and colorless, pure white crystal is one of the magical gifts of the earth. White crystal is the most widely distributed, most numerous and most widely used in the entire crystal group, so it has the reputation of "King of Crystals".

Generally speaking, white crystal is quartz, but from our point of view, opaque is called quartz, and transparent is called white crystal. Most of the white crystals contain ice cracks, clouds and other substances. Large and completely transparent white crystals are rare on the market because they are very precious.

White crystal is one of the Seven Treasures of Buddhism, also known as "Mani Jewel". Its natural forms are rich and varied, including the most common block, hexagonal column, columnar clusters of white crystals, and backbones formed by overlapping growth, etc. And so on, mainly from Brazil, Africa, the United States and China's "Crystal Capital" Donghai County.


Because the coolness of crystal makes people calm and calm, it will provide a magnetic field that calms people's spirits and stimulates their potential, and keeps them in the best state at any time to deal with all the things around them. Because of the peace of mind, I can often feel and perceive the details of life, make myself happier, and smile every day to show myself, which can naturally have the effect of prolonging life.

Energy and efficacy

Prosperous wealth. Placing the white crystal cluster in the financial position can make the qi vigorous. Helps to make money and prosper.

Defuse bad luck. For indoor and outdoor bad luck, you can wear appropriate white crystal jewelry every day to resist bad luck and effectively resolve it.

Gather your mind. Friends who are easily restless and have a lot of spiritual awareness when meditating can hold the crystal ball in their hands, which will help to gather their minds and concentrate on unity. It is the best choice for concentrating and fixing the consciousness.
Improve work efficiency. The energy of white crystal can make one's mind clear and refreshed. Placing a white crystal column near a desk or desk can help improve work efficiency. Doing meditation with white crystals, or wearing white crystal accessories often, will strengthen the source of personal inspiration and make the mind more agile.

Raise the potential of aura. White crystal has its pure energy, which can effectively improve the free aura, stimulate the potential, nourish the body and adjust the qi, and make the spirit more peaceful.

Mainly health, balance personal body, mind and emotions, help focus, and greatly help health.

Balance energy in the body. White crystal is the most stable and purest magnetic field energy among all crystal types, and it is also the synthesis of all color energies. It is the best choice for balancing the energy in the body.

Town house to ward off evil spirits. White crystal can make people's mind more peaceful, harmonious and pure, purify the negative energy of the surrounding and the human body, and bring good luck.