The combination of white crystal and tea crystal from the experience of using crystal - dedicated to friends who are prone to tantrums

The combination of white crystal and tea crystal from the experience of using crystal - dedicated to friends who are prone to tantrums Deegnt

The combination of white crystal and tea crystal from the experience of using crystal - dedicated to friends who are prone to tantrums


Whether the use of crystals in our daily life can solve our problems is the key, and it is my focus to be able to solve common problems in our life stably for a long time.

In the course of many years of life practice, I have summarized some stable and effective crystal combinations. First, I recommend the simplest crystal combination. Although it is simple, its effect is very obvious. Used to solve the most common bad mood problems in our lives, that is to say, dedicated to people who are prone to tantrums.

In our daily life, no one is unfamiliar with losing your temper. There are few results that you will not regret. If you don't know how to adjust it, once losing your temper becomes a habit, it will bring you and others a miserable feeling. 

Principle 1

Remember: emotions are transferable, emotions are transferable, emotions are transferable (read this three times!!!).

For example: Recall that every time you lose your temper or argue, if someone comes to persuade you, it is often not good, and even throws his temper on the person who persuades you. is not it? If not, please continue to imagine, if a stranger beats you or scolds you for no reason when you are angry with someone, I think you will definitely turn your anger towards the former to this stranger In humans, this is emotional transfer.
Because emotions have this characteristic, there is a method.

Principle 2


Crystal properties:

Tea crystal: calm, calm, inclusive.
From its energy properties, tea crystal is one of the most effective crystals for absorbing low frequency vibrations and negative emotions. (life practice experience)

White crystal: bright, bright, clear, relaxed and agile.

Its energy characteristics also have the effect of absorbing negative emotions, but its main function is to correspond with our heart and with the light.

Three steps to solve the problem

1. Emotional transfer

2. Absorb Negative Emotions (Ease Down First)

3. Visualize yourself with a heart as bright as a white crystal

practical application

Put a tea crystal and white crystal beside you at home or at work. When you lose your temper, remember to turn your attention to the tea crystal around you (you need to practice a few times here, and forget about it at the beginning. It doesn't matter if you have a transfer, just keep reminding yourself afterwards, there will be a second, third time after a successful transfer), while you are looking at the calm, calm brown crystal, the energy level is also working.

If you feel more relaxed and calm, then you can slowly shift your attention to the white crystals, they are so bright and thorough, let the light of the white crystals slowly illuminate your heart, let your heart As bright, clear, clear, and bright as white crystal.

Here you have to observe and think carefully. As long as you think about this passage, the joy in your heart will flow out of your heart like a spring. The water flow is very small at first, perhaps intermittently, as long as you keep practicing, you will gradually become Forming a trickle, it turns out that you can really be as bright as a crystal.

Even if you lose your temper by this time, it is a bright temper, a pleasing temper.

Crystal selection and placement


Crystal selection

White crystal: good crystal is the first important, the crystal is complete, thorough, bright, and the effect is the best.

Tea crystal: There are many kinds of tea crystal colors. For example, I have my favorite yellow tea crystal, and its effect is also good.
When choosing tea crystals, try to choose tea crystals with complete crystals and non-artificial color change.

crystal placement

It is slightly different in the office and at home.
Office: The crystals should be placed in a bright and open place with green plants as much as possible.

In home life: try to wear crystals on yourself so that you can see them at any time. Absorb the energy elements in it at any time